Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alias..... x 3

Alia (3)

Alia (2 )

Alia ( 1)

The day before I met Alia(s) ,
Alia (3 ) called a few days before , she said she wanted to get a Vertical Labret . She is from KL , she told me that she went and ask a body piercer which is loacated in KL . They aren't that friendly enough , so she decided not to have her piercing threre . It so happen that her friend told her about my shop which is located in Melaka .
Alia( 3 ) called , she called a few times asking me a few question regarding Vertical labret , so I just give her all the infomation that I know , after Alia ( 3 ) analysing she decided to come down all the way to Melaka for her Vertical labret . She supposed to meet me at 5 pm , but she came at about 9 pm . She is very sweet and nice she keep on call me and update about her time and location where she wil be abit late .
The day where I supposed to meet Alia (3) , instead meeting Alia (3 ) , I met Alia (1 ) , after she sign the form , knowing that her name is Alia , so I asked her did she called me earlier for an appointment . But she told me that she did not called me .She is just a walk-in customer .
After a while Alia ( 2 ) came , I thought she is the Alia ( 3 ) that called me earlier . But I knew she isn't the one because the Alia ( 3 ) is the one who wanted a Vertical labret . Where Alia (2 ) got her tongue pierced !
Today is a ironic day for me meeting 3 Alia ( s ) and done their piercings the same day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belly piercing

This lady of mine , doesn't like the picture that I post . So she request to post the picture that she took her own ... here you go . this is your beautiful picture .....

Friday, January 2, 2009